The Funky Frog LOVES Rochester, MI and the surrounding community. We are very involved in the events held in Downtown Rochester and help wherever we can. And of course we love RECYCLING!

We run many recycling and charitable year-round activities in the store. For example, we have collected  over 30,000 diapers since 2011. Diapers of all sizes and types are forwarded to local neighbors in need. We also have a drop box for use or new crayons. Loads of crayons have been taken to local elementary schools annually. We were the first official Little Free Library on Main Street.

In the store we live the "green life"! Our business is recycling so we do what we can to be green. We reuse your clean shopping/grocery bags to send purchases home. We reuse your zippered, clear plastic bags to hold pieces from toys and items with multiple pieces. We have purchased our racks, mannequins and fixtures from other shops.

Without the wonderful Rochester, MI and Oakland County, MI community The Funky Frog wouldn't be what it is. We work to help keep our community the best place to live.